Recess Monkeyz — My Place lyrics

Sit with me and watch the world go by,
Could feel anything,
But it's distempered by your eyes,
Your words,
That feeling,
The way my heart is reeling,
That scent,
The air,
And nobody cares

When I realise what you want,
It strikes me down,
Like a ghost ready to haunt,
My senses fold into,
What they've always wanted,
And what they've,

Always, haunted, in me,
I can't, go on, until you see
What the fuck's wrong with me??

What has happened?
We're shot, right through, and,
Keep on smiling,
Do it for miles on end.

This is My Place right here,
Open up; It's non-negotiable,
My place, right here.
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