Reckless Kelly — I Saw It Coming lyrics

Well, I pulled into Jackpot
Outta Ely and red-hot
I was liking the action
You laid on the charm

As well as some hot tips
A kiss from her red lips
I thought how could I lose
So I bet the farm

Ill wind is blowin'
I hear the drummin'
I know where this is goin'
I see it comin'

You'’re holding a pat hand
You'’re playing the dealer
The odds are way up there
The cocktails are free
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The cards you've been holdin'
Ain'’t what you've been throwin'
I’'ve lately been knowin'
That you'’re bluffing me

You'’ll be high rollin’'
I'’ll be out bummin’'
And I know you'’re goin’'
I saw it coming

Gamblin' is knowin'
When you should be callin', it quits
When you'’re down to a handful of hearts
That are broken to bits

Ill wind is blowing
I hear the drummin'
I know you'’re goin'
I had it comin'

You’'ll be high rollin'
I'’ll be out slummin'
I know you'’re goin'
I saw it comin'

I know you'’re goin'
I saw it comin'