Red Animal War — When I Get The Feelin' (Back In My Hands) lyrics

If there is nothing to fear then fear itself would you yield they were not supposed to be here I still love laying in fields and staring up to get real it makes the world just seem so clear and all the words that they say don't let 'em turn you to clay yeah I know it's not fair I'm waking up to the sound of new york coming down I never knew we could be so scared did the timing seem like lightning I'm afraid it did she's got new shoes he wears an old hat what's it matter what's it matter when I get the feelin' back in my hands I promise i'll build some bridges across this land when I get the feelin' back in my hands i'll pick apart these walls brick by brick stone and sand and as night falls we will stand tall proud but not sure why this is not a dream this is not a game I heard someone say america the beautiful blame the catholics blame the christians blame the muslims blame the jews blame your mother blame your father but blame never got anyone anywhere
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