Reisa L. Gerber — And I'm Sorry, Sandi {Yeah, Yeah} lyrics

And I'm Sorry, Sandi {Yeah, yeah}

Sometimes I call you on the phone-
Because I'm tired of being alone
But I think you're tryin to boss me
And I get defensive-
You've got good advice to give,
I'm gonna listen sometime.

And I'm sorry, sorry, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I'm sorry, sorry, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now the priveledge of closeness is very great-
When you give that old cold shoulder,
Then you're jailbait {You've gotta change!}
Frustration runs high and you play the fool
You just hafta "yell"
Well it's a passing mood.


Now, I know you love me with all your heart-
I'm just being myself, don't want to play that part
But you can't walk on eggs everytime at all
And I'd rather talk angry and still-
Be glad I called.

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