Reisa L. Gerber — Que Nunca Sera Tan Amor lyrics

******this is actually Spanish******
I will translate below it.

Que Nunca Sera Tan Amor

Senorita, que pide tu mano
Por favor, no me digas engano-
Con los ojos, te veo
Que siempre lo creo
Que nunca sera tan amor tan hermosa
Que nunca sera tan amor

Senorita, que dejes la blusa, si
Senorita, que veo un luz, para mi
No te miras el relojNo tu, y no yo
Te quiero con toda mi alma tristeza
Que dulce, que dulce amor.

Senorita, las dias pasarnos
Y un dia nos vamos casarnos
Que nunca te voy-
Mi vida te doy
Que bebe el vino de vida alegre
Que bebe el vino un dia.

There Will Never Be Such A Love

Miss, I ask for your hand,
Please don't deceive me-
I see you with my eyes, I always will believe-
There will never be such a beautiful love-
There never will be such love.

Miss, I take off your sweet silly sweater,
I can see a light, for me alone
Don't look at your watch, neither you nor I
I love you with all of your sad soul
How sweet, how sweet is love.

Miss, the days pass us bye
And one day we will get married.
Please never go, my life I will give you
We will drink the wine of a happy life-
We will drink the wine someday.

Translation from Spanish to English.
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