Reisa L. Gerber — Still I've Got To Make It lyrics

Still I've Got to Make It (On My Own)

Does someone understand
What ir's like to be alone?
Still I can't make demands,
Out here on my own.
Dig those crazy notions
Material devotions
Still I've got to make it on my own.

I tried to sing my songs,
But I was rejected.
Where did I go wrong?
I'm feeling so neglected.
Bleep their nomenclature,
It's my "pink flash yellow" nature,
Still, I've got to make it on my own.
So I'm caught in the middle of a value clash
And nothing shines like cold hard cash!
Though "I try" and "I can't",
I must make my way!
All I really need are the people to play for.

My art can fill this void, it's such an undertaking.
People get annoyed,
But my heart is breaking.
I've got a buried treasure,
To bring the people pleasure,
Still I've got to make it,
Somehow, I'm gonna make it,
Yes, I'm gonna make it on my own.
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