Reisa L. Gerber — Thin Disguise lyrics

Thin Disguise

He's the self-appointed keeper of the peace force
Tell me, brother,
What are the police for?
There are many other sinners in our nation
I know that you're in love with my relation...

I will never, never hold you in my arms
I was loving you and you were showing her
Your charms
And I think it's time for me to realize,
The answer lies in her thin disguise.

Your broken heart must learn to take rejection.
Sh....keep it under, baby,
Give it your protection.
I come anon, a little juliet.
No's the hardest answer to accept.


Now it's all that I have done
To hurt the others...
I'm a happy liitle vegetable,
And still you call me "Mother"-
Yeah, it's ME who's in the doghouse,
It's Me, the "Little Bitch"!
And still, I' comin' back to you...
Aint self-deception rich?
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