Restless Heart — River Of Stone lyrics

There's a highway that runs right through this town
Just a stream of light when the sun goes down
She'd look out the window to the west
One day this note was all she left
Right now you don't see, but you're just like me

River of stone, wild and lonely
Can you show me what lies beyond
Take me where they don't know me
By tomorrow morning I'll be gone

This old town is way too small
You've seen one face, you've seen 'em all
The only way things will ever change
Is to set your feet on the outbound lane
Oh how did she know one day I would follow?

(Repeat chorus)

Some got to move, some just stand still
Some take their chances, some never will

(Repeat chorus)
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Songwriters: Nielsen, Reed / Waldman, Wendy
River Of Stone lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC