Rhonda Vincent — Caught In The Crossfire lyrics

In the month of June, five years ago
That's when I came to be,
And though I'm not yet wordly wise
My eyes can clearly see.
I love my mom and daddy too
I pray my soul to keep,
And I ask for a happy home
When I lay me down to sleep.

But lately mommy cries at night
She thinks that I won't hear,
When daddy said my name today
He wiped away a tear.
I know that something isn't right
I see it in their eyes,
Oh how I wish it wasn't so
But the truth can't be denied.


I'm caught in the crossfire
Of a war that can't be won,
Mom calls me her little man
Daddy's only son.
I love them both, but I can't choose
Which one to leave behind,
I'm caught in the crossfire
Of a world that's so unkind.

Before you go to sleep tonight
Say a prayer for me,
I'm one of the millions
From a broken family.
My wish is but a simple one
My needs they are but few,
The promise of a happy home
And love to see us through.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
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