Rhonda Vincent — Trouble Free lyrics

(Carl Jackson - Jerry Salley)

Well my first taste of love I bit off more than I could choose
'Cause I got involved with trouble when I go involved with you
And your leavin' don't surprise me, it was just your parting shot
But you did me a favor believe it or not

(And) if you think I walk the floor at night, you're flattering yourself
Don;t ever think I cry myself to sleep
It's not trouble gettin' over you as far as I can tell
You left me trouble free

Yeah, I still got my share of headaches, I got bills to pay
If it's ain't one thing it's another each and every day
But relatively speaking speaking I don't worry anymore
'Cause you solved my biggest problem when you walked out the door

Chorus (Twice)

You left me trouble free
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