Riddlin' Kids — I Want You To Know lyrics

I see you all the time
I can't go anywhere without you walking by me
And I think I must have lost my mind
'Cause that coincidence could never happen every single day


I'll be leaving outta town on Tuesday
I'll be leaving but I wish I could stay
And I only wish I had the nerve to say
I want you to know
However things may go
That you were always on my mind
It doesn't matter where I'm at
And I want you to say
That you feel the same way
'Cause I know I'll see you sometimes
You know I never have come back

I wonder if you think
About me
Like I think about you right before I go to sleep
It's obvious to me
That this is fate and I know everytime I see you on the street


Time to say goodbye for now
I don't wanna say goodbye for now
I wish I could stay
But it's time to say goodbye

I saw you yesterday
That's when I knew without a doubt
I know what I should say
Its just so hard to get it out
And I know you feel the same
And I know I'll see you sometime

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Songwriters: Keel, David / Stroud, Dustin / Johnson, Mark / Baker, Clint / Ebersold, Paul
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