Rise To Fall — When The Instinct... Kills The Reason lyrics

Make me understand the way you control this
Every time I'm tramples by forces
That create this maze - I go insane!
Shapeless dreams flooding my mind
I can distinguish light - Beyond the chaos
But when I think I'm reaching the sky
It leaves me paralysed - disorder appears again

We live in a world
Where the pure forsaken
Dreaming lies
Have a look inside
And release what's been taken
Do you still climb the hill in silence?
The mind's simplicity is the most difficult skill to reach
I keep on curbing myself
I thought I was stormproof
But (now) a drop overflows
My never-ending stream
Isolated for so long - let your conscience be born
Stop checking yourself
Led by intuition - I won't listen to reason
Cause now the instincts emerge
I won't restrain myself
I take the blame
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