Riverdance — We Gonna Dance By The River lyrics

We are going to dance
Get the sytem flow outta control
What you realize?
Is going on here
Down at the river

We gonna dance at the river
(river) dance dance (dancing at the river)
Just get outta control and...
And and and
Dance by the river!

What you realize? By the river?
Going to dance by the river. Drown by the river. Get your river dancing sytems
Out of control!
Out of control!
Out of controooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!
(out of control) dance at the river (out of control)
(yeah yeah yeah) dance at the river dance (out of control!)
Yeah! Yeah! Dance at the river! Dance out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Cause we gonna
We gonna
Dance by the river!!
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