Robert Cray — I Shiver lyrics

I get the blues in the morning.
so bad, I scare myself
my hair is turning gray so fast, I'm worried about my health,

and I shiver all over,
I shiver all over,
I shiver all over, 'cause I ain't got you!

I'm burning with a fever.
my stomach's twisted up in knots.
my blood's pressure is up so high
I know it's gonna stop my heart.

I've got spots all over my body,
I wear shades 'cause my eyes are red
I've got a headache that just won't go away.
it's a wonder that I'm not dead.

My doctor looked at my condition,
he said oh, Bob you look a mess
there ain't a thing I can do about you
but, you sure can use a lot of rest.

I can't even sleep at night, 'cause I ain't got you!
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