Robi Rosa — California lyrics

You said you'll always be around.
But lately, I see you above a cloud
You said I'm always playing games,
Nothing is the same anymore.
So you are, you'll always be
The girl who loves a man,
The way a man should be.

I can't believe what I've seen
Cause I believe in you,
A California girl.
You remind me of all the things that were.
It doesn't matter anymore
Cause now you are a movie star

Tell all the people that you moved on
Tell them that you were loved before by me,
We don't understand eachother anymore,
You are always on my mind.

I can't, you are out of reach, California girl.

Oh she, I know she love
Oh she, she is just a little crazy
'cause you are, you'll always be
The girl who love a man
The way a man should be.
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