Rolling Stones — Criss Cross Man lyrics

(jagger/richards)Aka criss cross mindBaby. ooh!BabySave me. ooh!Save me. ah!Yeah, here come a womanGivin’ me a criss cross mindSave meSave me. ooh!Yeah, here come a womanGiving me a criss cross mindOh I got a lotta knots in my hairI can’t seem to straighten outAh, I think I need a blood transfusionYeah, here come a ladyGiving’me a criss cross mindDarlingDarlingOoh!Touch meOoh, yeah!Kiss meOoh, yeah! ooh, yeah!Lip to lipFingertipSkin to skinRing to ringTongue to tongueThigh to thighOh babyYeahAll the timeBabySave meYeah here come a ladyGiving’ me a criss cross mindMama walkin’ around in the rainShe want you every nightAn’ think I need a blood transfusionYeah here come a womanGivin’ me a criss cross mindYeah, yeahDarlingDarlingBabySave me. save me. save me. save meAnd feed me, yeahBaby. baby. babySave meCheek to cheekOhh yeahTounge to tounge
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