Rolling Stones — Criss Cross Man lyrics

(jagger/richards)Aka criss cross mindbaby. Ooh! Babysave me. Ooh! Save me. Ah! Yeah, here come a womangivin’ me a criss cross mindsave mesave me. Ooh! Yeah, here come a womangiving me a criss cross mindoh I got a lotta knots in my hairi can’t seem to straighten outah, I think I need a blood transfusionyeah, here come a ladygiving’me a criss cross minddarlingdarlingooh! Touch meooh, yeah! Kiss meooh, yeah! Ooh, yeah! Lip to lipfingertipskin to skinring to ringtongue to tonguethigh to thighoh babyyeahall the timebabysave meyeah here come a ladygiving’ me a criss cross mindmama walkin’ around in the rainshe want you every nightan’ think I need a blood transfusionyeah here come a womangivin’ me a criss cross mindyeah, yeahdarlingdarlingbabysave me. Save me. Save me. Save meand feed me, yeahbaby. Baby. Babysave mecheek to cheekohh yeahtounge to tounge
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