Rolling Stones — Good Time Women lyrics

(jagger/richards)Oh, you got me waitin’ on a big-boat lineyes, it’s down a bumpy roadi said now, now honeyyou don’t need moneyand you know you got it easy at home. Yeah we’re gonna get downto boat-linewe’re gonna steamboat and a rail alrighti said now, now honeyget down honeygood time women don’t keep you waiting around. Uh-huhyeah we could land in new york citywith whiskey an’ mighty finenow, I brought downers and a bouquetand a bottle of dry, white wine. Yes you got me dizzyyes you got me sillyand you know you gonna die with your wifebaby, babyred light womanthey don’t leave you a-... Yeah! I love my woman! Yeah you got me waiting on a big boat-lineyeah you’re gonna feel alright. I said baby, honey, You know it’s gonna be alright. Yeah you got me sillyand you got me filthygo down, gas up your wifei said baby, babya red light womenlike your partythe red light womensure like to partythe red light womanplease don’t party all nightalright, you got me cryin’ nowah you got me cryin’Yeah! Ah you got me cryin’Yes, they like your party all nightyes, they like your party all nightyes, they like your party all nightthey like your party all nightnight!
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