Rolling Stones — Ivy League lyrics

(m. Jagger/k. Richards)I’m waitin’ for you, I’m makin’ towni’m walkin’ for you, over groundi won’t see you walkin’ awayi can’t stand you actin’ this way... I wanti wanna see you, all the way at alli play hidin’ the whole way all the place at allahhh... Mmmm me i’m, soakin’ there, ahhh now over aroundi won’t see you walkin’ away, I won’t see you every nightand, I’m not the same, ohgoing away yourunnin’, runnin’ away youall the way, at alli think, runnin’ to hear youi’m glad, I don’t hear youall the way at alli’m thinkin’I soakin’ downi’m lookin’ for youup towni’m livin’ with you, and zip your goneeverybody hittin’ bottomyeah, I won’t see you walkin’ my wayi won’t catch you to me every dayi won’t see you you walkin’ away, at alleeehhhi won’t cryi won’t liei know everybody’s going there to cryi won’t cry
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