Ron Marcus — Smiling Eyes lyrics

With those smiling eyes
I just have to turn my head away
As all the boys
Crane their necks
To get a second look at you
With those smiling eyes

Too full of seduction and mischief
I don't know if
I can ever really trust you
With those smiling eyes

As I have seen both the jaded temptress
And the lost little girl
With those smiling eyes

When the same thing that drew me to you
Might be the sentimental death of me
I'm afraid I'll be left alone
Like just another heartbroken fool
With his dreams like a shipwreck
Dashed against the rocks
Brought to my knees in splinytered ruin
By your smiling eyes

Maybe I'm just another paranoid freak
Or just another desperate man
Who is forced to admit-
That the mirror never lies
All I really know
I just don't want
To be just a another casualty
Of your smiling eyes
Your smiling eyes
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