Rostok Vampires — Ya Wakama Zulu Bandee lyrics

Rainforest jungles of sawarak
Tribal people
Fighting to save their hundred
Million year old forest
A culture survived for more than
Fourty thousand years
One of last reminding
Hunter gathered society
Now they're being forced
From their homes
By logging companies
And thrown to jail
For trying to protect
Their homelands
There's not a single
Documented case of pregnant
Rainforest logging
Obscuring it - it's degrading
Society is waiting
I keep talking wake up twice
It filters through to us
Now they're being forced
The belief
The third world is poor
It lacks if the benefit
Of our modern industry
It's still a common view
Degeneration of all nation
I keep thinking wake up twice
It filters through to us
Now they're being forced...
How long can we continue
To allow this destruction
Echoes from a foreign kind
Lies -- Cries --
Such is life
It's just degeneration what I see
Swallowing each human being
Nearly you and me
How could we be so blind
We're all of the same kind
We're all just victims of ourselves
Greeting from a world
Supposed to death
Ya wakama zulu bandee
Fearless I'm smiling
I don't care for dying
Don't care for misery
Fucked up reality
Fucked up me and you
Me fucking asshole
Me fuckin' me
What we leave is
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