Roy Orbison — Congratulations lyrics

Traveling wilburysCongratulations for breaking my heartCongratulations for tearing it all apartCongratulations you finally did succeedCongratulations for leaving me in needThis morning I looked out my window and foundA bluebird singing but there was no one aroundAt night I lay alone in my bedWith an image of you goin’ around in my headCongratulations for bringing me downCongratulations now I’m sorrow boundCongratulations you got a good dealCongratulations how good you must feelI guess that I must have loved you more than I ever knewMy would is empty now cause it don’t have youAnd if I had just one more chance to wind your heart againI would do things differently but what’s the use to pretendCongratulations for making me waitCongratulations now it’s too lateCongratulations you came out on topCongratulations you never did know when to stopCongratulations
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