Roy Orbison — Never lyrics

A new sweet song of love has got you off my mind
I've found the new love who will walk the line
Every night and every day, I give all my love away
To someone who can love me all the time

Never again
To be lonely again
Never again
Heartaches have left me now forever
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I've burned the old love letters that you wrote to me
Discovered love, I thought could never be
A love as sweet as wine, keeps you off my mind
I said goodbye to my misery

Memories will never bother me again
And when I think of things that might have been
I just pledge my love to my new love
And then we kiss again

And oh, what a feeling just to know
That never again, never again, never again
I've found a love to last forever
I true love who will leave me never

Never, never, never
Never, never, never
Never, never, never

Songwriters: Orbison, Roy/ Dees, William M./ Dees, Bill
Never lyrics © Barbara Orbison Music Company, Orbi-Lee Music, R-Key Darkus, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC