Roy Orbison — Suzie lyrics

Orbison/melson/rushI used to be so shyI’d just sit home and cryAnd wish that I could dieTill lately, my oh myI met that certain guyHe makes me feel so aliveWell I wake up every mornin’ in a different worldI look in the mirror and I say hey girlOh well, you’re comin’ out of your shellI say to myself hey sueThere’s such a change in youFor you’re no longer blueSince he made your dreams come trueSo suzie, sue, suzie qWhat are you gonna do? Gonna treat my baby like a kingFor him I’d do most anythingAh suzie, ring-a-ding-ding-dingSuzie girl, I can tellYou’re completely out of your shellAh suzie, you’re doing swell
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