Royal Hunt — Faces Of War lyrics

Runaway's free, enemy's found
I'm on the plane but my heart's on the ground
Frozen by fear, covered in snow
Pounding away in dispair and somehow I know
We'll never make it back, where do we go?

On top of the world I'm a king of the hill
I'm riding the wind and horses of steel
I'm one of a kind, just open your door
To one of the faces of war
Let me inside I'm just one of the faces of war

Senses are dead, reason is gone
Why do I shoot, tell me, what have they done?
Innocent kid covered in blood
Shreaded to pieces and left in the mud
Now I know, we'll never make it back. Where do we go?

End of the road, back to the wall
I'm kicking the dust on the spot where I'll fall
Final command, crime in disguise
Second of pain and I'm closing my eyes, now you know
We're never coming back, it's time to go
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