Rpwl — World Through My Eyes lyrics

This strange peace in my heart
A warmth which I can feel
Like a bud starting to bloom
I know what I could be

The spirit of this place
Is at one with my mind
Nature shows it's grace
In the hazy morning light

You got me under your wing
In everything I do
You make me want to sing
More and more

Speaking without words
Hearing with my mind
Feeling without a touch
This grace will never die

World through my eyes
I know that you can see
What I see all the world is in disguise

The further I can see
The sooner I arrive
The deeper I can breathe
The more I am alive

So easily misled
The sightless turn away
As leaves fall from the tree
The cycle starts again

World through my eyes
I know that you can see what I see
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