Rushlow — Still lyrics

All right, all right
Well, it was on my sixteenth summer
At the pool where we both went swimmin'
That I first saw you
So cool like a star in a movie
Sun tan, man you took my breath away
You take my breath away
And I'm still head over heels for you
Still fallin' straight into
A love so deep I can't get enough
And you still have got a young girl's grin
That will cut a grown man right in two
Whenever I'm with you
And my heart won't be still
My heart can't be still
Seventeen, first date at the drive-in
Nineteen, her parents askin'
Boy, where's this gonna go
Well, I said it'll last forever
And right then I knew I was gonna love you
The way that I love you
(Repeat chorus)
I still got it bad and I guess it shows
From your pretty hair down to your painted toes
(Repeat chorus)
My heart wont be still
My heart can't be sill
All right
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