I felt the toll of a life gone astray
I've held my head up along the way
With heaven's breath, I will step down
If only the wind, will quit knocking me around
Some say that angels, were all looking down
I only saw vultures circling around
With no help from god, the shadows fall
Sometimes the truth is scared of the dark
I did my weakness, with all my doubts
And trade in my secrets, to figure it out

With no help from god, forever I roam
Till I found your heart, I was on my own
I feel the alter, sake of my bones
And I hear your tender, kiss for my own
With no help from god, we stood all alone
And followed our hearts, and bury the stones

For so long, I've waited, for this coast to clear
With no help from god, I will stand proud
Stand by your side, under the clouds.
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