Ryan Bingham — Rollin Highway Blues lyrics

If I had the chance to hold you again
In my crying eyes
I would take a chance and fall in love with you
But I know, I couldn't have one more dance
To bring you back to the rolling highway blues
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Cause I'm back, to falling down again my friends
I don't have any more luck to lose
I wish the train would haul away every card I choose
And bring you back to the rolling highway blues

And darlin' don't regret, leaving a drunken fool
And darlin' don't respect, a man that don't care for you
Never go back to the rolling highway blues

Cause every night I fall asleep with whiskey in my mind
Hoping that I might wake up next to you
But I know that I will wake alone
In the morning dew
And head back out on the rolling highway blues

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