Ryker's — Imbalance lyrics

Desperate attempt
To define myself
In terms of what i have done
For others...desperate

I am stuck
Gave all i had to give
I am stuck
When do i recieve?
When do i start to life for myself?
...when will i ever get it right

Overcome - the imbalance
Step by step - i´ll make it through
Explatation of virtues
For far too long
Every ounce of strength
Cold as stone - infinitely strong
Some say it´s never too late
Well that might be the case sometimes
But the sad truth of it´s opportunity
Won´t accept the compromise

Desperate attempt
To accept myself
In terms of what i have done
To others...desperate

I am stuck
Why should i be true to you?
I am stuck
As usual i turn to you... i turn to you....
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