Saint Etienne — Milk Bottle Symphony lyrics

Tony leaves the Depot late.
Seventeen years with the Unigate,
Drives his float down Goswell Road at twenty-five to eight.
Number Nine, Mrs. Doris Brown.
Pulls on her quilted dressing gown,
Shuts the fridge and boils the kettle,
Wipes the table down.
La la la la la la
Just as she pours the tea,
She's whistling randomly,
The Milk Bottle Symphony.
Milk Bottle Symphony
Number Twelve, there's Amy Chan.
Writing down a line for the Candyman,
About the time she saw Tom Baker,
Drinking down the Hat and Fan.
The man next door is Gary Stead.
Shuffles downstairs with heavy head,
Scans the paper, takes a pill,
And stumbles back to bed.
La la la la la la
Didn't get home till Three
Singing appallingly
A Milk Bottle Symphony
A Milk Bottle Symphony
Emily Roe's at Thirty-One,
Twenty minutes left to get her homework done.
Leaves her cornflakes on the sofa,
Says good-bye to Mom.
La la la la la la
Jumps on the Forty-Three,
Humming unconsciously,
A Milk Bottle Symphony.
Milk Bottle Symphony
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