Saline Grace — Mercy And Deliverance lyrics

Within those realms of community
The days rage like the tearing claws
Of the beast of prey
But in gnawing nights searching for peace
The sufferer’s stolen soul fails inside

The beast’s hurtful paunch
And it's acid laughter

Far from here within the storm’s raging
The fleeting years swirl like leaves
In those ruins of a human soul
But reaching for those years
The seeker drowns in

A surging ocean of
Fading memories

The weak senses change illusions
Into glimmers of hope
A suspected deeper truth
The observer cannot realize
For he plunges into passion and faith
As a way of passing the time
The exhausted death itself miserably fails

Giving no certainty of
Mercy and deliverance

And behind an intangible horizon
The swaying comedian squeals
And laughs scornfully
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