Samantha Cole — I'm Right Here lyrics

When I was on the dark side of the street
You turned your love light on so I could see
When I lost faith in myself and humanity
You were the one who gave it back to me
Now there's pain in your eyes
As you try to fight back in tears
Maybe you can't see I'm right here
Don't be ashamed if you want somebody near
Look over your shoulder, the way is clear
All you gotta do is say my name, I'm right here
You don't always have to be under control
Sometimes you have to lose it to find your soul
You hate yourself for the weaknss you feel inside
And your reaction is to run and hide
Well I know how it feels to be facing everything you fear
Repeat Chorus
Oh, when the weight on you becomes too much to bear
Let me help you with it, don't despair
Repeat Chorus
All you gotta do is say my name, I'm right here
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Songwriters: Cox, Deborah / Stephens, Lascelles / Steinberg, William E / Nowels, Rick
I'm Right Here lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., SPIRIT MUSIC GROUP