Satanic Surfers — Throw In The Towel lyrics

Is this how we are trained to serve? we assume a way of life into which we are born, to fit a mould of acceptance, conformity and consumption. never questioning our freedom, embracing the privilege not to care. we allow ourselves to slide into a state of contentment, granted to us by this consumerist culture (of ours). we live our lives with the knowledge of global suffering and exploitation. still we dissociate ourselves from the problem, detach ourselves from compassion and outrage. while most people don't have the right to be apathetic we're giving up on the world, saying there's nothing we can do. what right do we have to throw in the towel? our privilege should be our obligation and responsibility to at least try to maintain some kind of awareness. our privileged lives should make us feel obliged to at least try to maintain some kind of awareness
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