Scabs — Live It Up lyrics

Neon light

Wanderin' around, feelin' alright

Crowded street

Pushers, pimps, it's the elite

Take a shot of brandy at the 'full moon bar'

Better take one for the road

Slam some tequilla at 'the boulevard'

Hope I 'll die before I grow old

Live it up, move it up down the road

I gotta live it up, move it up down the road

Cheap perfume

A lonely lady walkin' into the room

She's on the sauce

She lifts her glass and she spills of course

She's lookin' pretty hot in a suit and a tie

She tries to make me feel like I'm the coolest guy

But there will be heart ache at the end of the line

To me it's just a good time

Where's my mates? They didn't keep the promises that they made

Where's my date? Pour me a drink, you 'd better make it straight

Suddenly I'm on my own

Maybe there's a place called home
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