Sdoun — Irresponsible lyrics

What a sound for me to hear!
Heard you love him... but you said you' d always be my sweet little baby
Thought I was the only one till you showed your skillful ways...
And now I see all that you are

What a voice, I thought I had use through
' Cause we both said that without truth one soul would then become two
Now you read it all wrong
' Cause I won' t sing another sad song

So you lie, and you cheat
It doesn' t mean that much to me
' Cause I know everything has it's own returnity
It' s untrue you can' t prove you' ve done well living off me
Tell your friends for what you got was your responsibility

What sight you were
Those days I first met you
Walking hand in hand a long, long time ago
Yes, this is true
Innocent young girl you were
Daddy' s little one
How could you be so unkind?

Sometimes I wish your eyes were blind, so the rest of you could see
No respect for lovin'
You just say to yourself, " what' s in it for me?"
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