Secret Sphere — Rain lyrics

[music composed and arranged by Buratto, Messina, Lonobile, Cartasegna, Gianotti, Agate; words by Messina, Buratto, Lonobile]

I thought I loved you babe,
It was just a game of my head,
I have been wrong I know...I'm not the one

Just you were pretending
And I believed in you,
Now I've torned the shadows from my sight

So, what could I do right now?
Once I was holding you tight in my arms,
That moment lives forever...
Don't you live my eyes, don't you fade away
It was not you I was kissing

I can't believe the rain will cover my life,
Tha shadows don't darken my mind anymore,
Don't wait for me,
Our only chance drifted apart,
The rain wipes away all the pain

I am alone, the day gets dark,
But I'm alive, alive

My glance on the sea,
The sunset paints shades on his face, sea-gulls fly free
The wind's blowing through his hair,

For a day that slowly makes for end it's course,
Another sun bright will fill the sky

I don't believe the shadows darken my mind,
The rain won't cover my eyes anymore,
Don't wait for me, our only chance drifted apart,
The rain wipes away all the pain

..and the rain won't cover my life anymore...
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