Seether — Disclamier lyrics

We heard what you said
It doesnt't't matter
We are not goin' home 2nite...(home 3x)
I'm goin nuts
Help Me Here
I got a Disclaimer
Help me!!!

Chrous: X2
I get boozed off stage all because of you
Leave me here
Dig a hole
Throw my faggot body inside
And I know you are the real fuking maggot!


I'm done with you
Go home now
Get your sucker face outta thare
Heres my disclamier (Scream)

Go away get away(rough vocals)
(Don't wanna see u) (rap)

Chrous 2x

Rap Vocals:
You are useless
Just like a motherfucker
Get the hell outta here
I wont even like you fart in here
Just gimme want I want
And get lost!!!

Chrous 3x

Goin down........
Because of you...

(Ending fading instrumental..)
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