Self — I Am A Little Explosion lyrics

Let's play some music
Follow me

Let's make some noise with some pots and pans - repeat 8x

Where did you go
Where could you be
I better find a way to write back home
I feel the flow of electricity
Better call before the fuse is blown

- chorus -
I am a little an, explosion
I am that's all i am explosion

You once were told you once were free
I drew a map my destinations unknown
Morticians faint whenever you breathe
I'll see the light before i'm buried and bones

* repeat chorus *

Starlight blinding
I will go away
Same old rigmarole
I will explode

She's in my shadow
I avoid the street lights
She loves her sweater
Clothing is her birthright
She's heavy metal
Moshing in the moonlight
She writes me letters
Poetry keeps her up nights
* repeat *
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