Self — Microchip Girl lyrics

My girl she's on the I'll tip
Exercised her right to forfeit and rust a bit
Her brain's like a microchip
Now it's a day in the life of
A space cadet that a mother calls daughter
And just follow the instructions
And the pieces come alive
When her shit malfunctions
Yeah, they said she'll never last but they lied
- chorus -
Microchip girl - kick ass at trivia girl
Cd-rom curls

Now she wants a pc, to stick a modem into me
I'm not the kind of guy who goes online for just any girl
Now it's a strange, strange relationship
Microchip girls got her head on straight
I should know i put it there
Now what do i get her for christmas
She's got it all on hard disk
Accessable to the world
Just follow the instructions
I just keep her oiled and she's cool
When her shit malfunctions
I just plug her in to refuel
- chorus -
Microchip girl - found the end of pi
32 bit curls
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