Sergeant Smythe — Keeping Up With The Kardashians lyrics

She got a birds’ nest upstairs
More height’ll get you nothing
Nothin but a captain douche bag.
She got the hips of a hipster
She’s nothin but a high class bus station skank
With a weapon.
When she say she want money
She’ll take you to the cleaners
She got nothing but the weapon you want
She got the heart of a swamp rat
Tha hasn't had a meal since the very early nineties
For real.
She’s gonna eat your soul.

I said you’re not my girlfriend.
She got cash in the wallet but no one to shout.
I said you're not my girlfriend.
So won’t you turn around grab your bags and walk on out.

A late show at my house party
Ass dropping out the bottom of your dress
Sporting 6 inch heels
Where’s that new butterfly tattoo on the small of your back
Screaming at me like a ‘Kick me’ stamp
A fresh face full of botox, shiny forehead
Check the lips
I can see you got em pumped like Reeboks
What’s the deal with your fake tan?
Chest pressed against your chin
Try convince me you were born with those.
She got a heart like stone.
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