Seven Day Faith — Open Up To Me lyrics

Searhing simple pleasure
Within deep in your eyes
And you know I tried so hard
But you made me relize
That in hurts
To understand you without knowing a thing
And I wish
You could bring a little trip to this dream
Within your heart
You hope for silent??????????? Apart?
Oh, While inside your mind
You'd hope to find an answer to your faults

Open up to me
Wont you show me what you need
Gonna Tear down your walls and? Today
Wont you open up to me
Wont you show me what you need
Or I'll never know, knowwwww

[Verse 2:]:
I'm so broken down
I don't know what else to say
And you know I've tried so hard
But you push me away
And then
One moment your in love one min. Your not
I'm not sure
I'm just not sure if I'm the person you want

I'm just so free with the things that I feel
But I'm not quite sure these feelings are real
It'll only takes but a second to say
What you feel about me is the same

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