Severed Heads — Midget Sings lyrics

Here is a limb that catches the eyes
Mister, I am trouble, I am
Flies and sings and catches the sun
Ripples talk, ripples remember
C There's a cage in the town
There's people don't know I'm around
There's a threat in the sound
The girls are understanding and they'd truly like to say
Keep a rugged profile and you're rolling in their hay
The boys have grown to like you and they closely watch your game
If only they were older, then they'd surely do the same
Take a look in my traveling bag
Mister, I am trouble, I am
Work and run and breathe things slow
Ripples talk, ripples remember--C
"Deformed man hits small town. Sex jokes and innuendo. A murder."
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Songwriters: TOM ELLARD
Midget Sings lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group