Sharyn Maceren — Sunshine lyrics

Verse I
They say
That you come
In the day
But I need you
All nights
And all ways
'Cause you know you're like my savior

When nights
Grow dark
And cold
I seek you
To return
And burn
'Cause you know
My body fiends for you

Pour your love upon me, baby
'Cause I
You're the warmth that drives me crazy... And
I like
When your arms go 'round me, baby
So, sunshine
Pour your love upon my skin— tonight

Ah pah pa pah (3x)
Ah pah pa ooh hooh

Verse ii
I prayed
And you came
So, I'll say
Another prayer
That you'll stay
Deep in my heart

'Cause no light
Shines bright
Like you
No, you're an angel
Don't you
Dare leave my side

Repeat pre-Chorus
Repeat chorus
Repeat *
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