Shawn Desman — Spread My Wings lyrics

Why are you taking so long girl
You know the weather's already changed and
No need in talking too much girl
About the situation, about the situation
And I know it's implicitly said when I say
I don't want to argue no not today
And I tell you there is nothing left to say
Let me be free and fly away


Sometimes I wish I could fly
Spread my wings and sore away
And I'd never return, I'd never return
To this crazy love life

You know I love you so much baby
But there's no need for me to keep waiting
No longer can you be trusted
I finally gave up, I finally gave up
And I really hate to leave but in this case
You broke my heart and now I feel disgrace
And I know somebody else is taking my place
Unfortunately I know I can't stay

[Chorus (2x)]

I'm telling you this time I won't sit by no more baby
What makes you do the things you do that
Makes me wanna be free and all those times you lied
About the simple things, baby, I need my space to fly away, away

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