Sheavy — Standing At The Edge Of The World lyrics

Alright, heard somebody say
The secret to living is looking away
Nothing, nothing's ever real
The pieces you keep are the moments you steal

Come on, ask yourself why
The system is broken, it's useless to try
Too late, my child in time
You can't change the future by living a lie

Why am I a pawn in a game I can't master
Why am I alone in a world made just for me

Loving the silence, tired and alone
Slave to the darkness you call your home
Trusting in no one, tears in disguise
Dreams of tomorrow reflect in your eyes

Visions of yesterday, fate only knows
The truth's never far from the cards that you show
They tell you one thing, you tell them how
There's no place in hell like the place you are now

Don't let me stand at the edge of the world
It's too late for me
The sooner or later, it always arrives
Why does it have to be

Don't let me stay, isn't time at the end
Far from me and you
The silence is broke, love always survives
There's nothing left to do
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