Shebang — Nelly Dileamma lyrics

Il love you and I need you nelly I love you I do need you
No matter whta I do all I think about is you even when I
With my boo you know I'm crrazy over you.
I met this chick and she just move right up the block for me
The finest thing I need to see but oh no no she got
A man and a son oh oh but that's ok cause I just wait for my
Cue and just listen play my position like a shortstop
Pick up earth miami hitten
And in no time I ganna make this friend mine and that's for sure
Becaus ei never been the type to break up
A happy home but this somethin bout baby gorl I just can't keep
At home but tell me ma whats it ganna be she said you don't know what you mean to me
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