Shelby Lynne — Revelation Road lyrics

Thought they had it on me
But the truth it lay upon me
Like the Mississippi River runs deeper on the coast
I don't know what happened
I was acting on my passion
Wearing latest fashions I wandered in the cold
Then it came upon me in a midnight dream
Like honey offers gold
Like a gambler I can't hide my debts like a sinner as a
Pardon me if I forget what I've already been told
You can't hold that against me man
I'm on Revelation Road
Fire and brimstone pave the way
Hold hands together everyday
Nothing left to do but pray and put your head in the
Sinners and the preachers at each other's throats
Which one is the bad news man

Which one clatters most
Screaming turns to salt and dust
Volume is not heard
Bible beaters rest your fists
Haters rest your ire
You're both too young to know you're mute
Unconscious to the choir
But I can't hold that against you man
You're on Revelation Road
Grab your little passbooks
A ticket gets you in
One Hail Mary does the trick forgive of all your sins
And when the show is over
You're where you started from
Collecting all the barbs you threw piled up to be
Judgement comes and never tires
Forgotten is the code
Doing unto others is a farce, a laugh, a joke
Remember when the black veil falls
We all stand alone
Barefeet on the gravel man
We're on Revelation Road
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