Shrug — Only God In Town lyrics

Burned out at 27
Punched a ticket for rock'n'roll heaven
The first time in my life I went shopping for a different one
Growing old sophisticated
Into the thing that you and I hated
Junkie chic may be a dead end street but it's a glamorous one

Maybe you would rather use your head
A little more bored a little less dead
Umbrella when the sky falls down
You're not the only god in town

Saw a chance and tried to take it
Went to hell so I thought I'd try to fake it
The first time in my life I knew the meaning of a better one
You were young and full of glory
You skipped ahead until you skipped the whole story
Drunk and dazed may be a painful phase but it's a common one

Hit the wall around 30
Found a way to get my fingernails dirty
The first time in my life I'm feeling lucky just to have one
Saw your face for just a minute
A psychodrama with your name featured in it
Ambition's such an easy drug-it conquers
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