Shrug — Possum lyrics

Words I've never said are knocking on my bedroom door
Pick the lock sing glory glory hallelujah
Songs I've never sung are underneath my kitchen floor
Stick around and let the shards go slicing through you

You never know who's watching
You never know who's waiting
You never know you never know you never knw
All I know is I'm not up for anything today
So be it-
Wrap the blanket round my feet
Let me sleep here in the street
I'm playing possum now

Words I've never said are crissing crossing through my brain
Stretching out like some sedated superhighway
Songs I've never sung are sitting broken in the rain
I've messed it up you know at least I've done it my way
You never know

Traps I've never set are sitting around my feet
Excuse me if I do not kiss your lily a**
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