Shudder To Think — Corner Of My Eye lyrics

Ladybug on my wrist strikes a simple pose and then flies. Sitting man across from
Me wears housefly-hair and sunken eyes. And he just wants another quarter for
Five quarts of forgetting sauce. Knuckles white like embers ashen. Clicks his jaw
In neurotic time. Face a strobe-lit street-light dance as subways screech their
Third-rail rhyme. And I just want to see my girlfriend caus her hugs are the best I
Know. Though I'm gone I don't want us to end, but I feel me slipping out the
Corner of her eye. He just wants another quarter for five quarts of forgetting
Sauce. And I play "couldn't-be-much-boreder" as I'm watching the drunk in the
Corner of my eye.
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